Active 70 year old benefits from Natural Breastlift in New Orleans, La.**

Procedure Details

This healthy active 70 year old was bothered by sagging of her breast tissue. She wanted to remain natural and keep all her breast tissue but wanted the tissue lifted off her upper abdomen. Dr. Mizgala tightened her skin brassiere using a modified Wise Pattern technique which leaves periareolar and anchor shaped scars. Meticulous postoperative care fades these scars over time so they are barely discernible 2 years after surgery.

Natural Breastlift

Women of all ages are good candidates for natural breastlift surgery.  No implants are used, just the patient's own breast tissue.  Excess stretched breast skin is tightened around the lifted tissue to bring the natural tissue upward to create perkier higher breasts with better cleavage.  The procedure is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient with minimal discomfort over 2-3 days.  We recommend 1 week off regular work or child care responsibilities, followed by restricting heavy lifting and exercise for a full 6 weeks.


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