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Unhappy with Final Breast Aug Result - Placement Too Low?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I had a sub-pect. BA 10 weeks ago. I requested a "natural" look, but I also wanted them to sit in a youthful, not low position on my torso. I am 31, 5'5", 120lb, 4 kids. I also body build. I had 200cc round mod Mentor silicones placed, wanting a smallish but shapely result. I'm disappointed--I wanted them to be a bit higher on my chest wall, with a little more upper pole fullness/shape. I think they look too low/sad. I was an empty 34AA before with no real sag. Please help--can they be improved?

Low implants
The good news is that your breasts do look very natural and pretty. I do agree that they are a little low. I would recommend that you start wearing a tight fitting bra or inferior breast band 24 hrs per day in an attempt to close up the inferior capsule. You definitely do not want the implants to fall any further. If this fails, wait at least 6 months post-op then consider revision surgery. This should be relatively simple as the capsule will have formed. A larger diameter lower profile implant (moderate profile) placed in your current capsule may be the simplest solution. Your surgeon may choose to open the upper pole only to allow the extra volume to sit upwards. Definitely do not open up the lower pole and possibly have your surgeon suture the lower pole of the capsule shut to further lift the implants up.

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