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25 Year Old Silicone Implants w/ Capsular Contracture - Replace?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I have 25 year old silicone implants over the muscle with Baker Grade II capsular contracture. I have just had a mammogram which showed no obvious leaks. I am torn trying to decide whether to replace them as they still look pretty good but just feel pretty hard. I would be devastated to go thru all that and come out looking worse or the cc recurs at a worse Grade than before.

Silicone implant contracture
Whenever you consider "redoing" an operation, I think of what would or could be done differently this time. First of all, the fact that your implants are 25 years old means that your new implants will be of better quality. The new generation implants of today are far superior to those manufactured 25 years ago. Also, you could choose to place your implants under the muscle - a position that decreases their palpability and reduces the likelihood of capsular contracture. You may wish to consider replacing the implants with saline implants, which also have a lower incidence of capsular contracture. There is also a good chance that your current implants have at least a small leak undetected by mammogram. This is more likely if the capsular contracture recently got worse (possibly due to the leak). Leakage is also known to be generally more common in silicone implants that were placed 10 or more years ago.

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