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Questions and Answers

BA scheduled next month, I feel good about it & my surgeon, but I still keep wavering over sizes.

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

My stats: 35 yo, 33" around, A/B cup (fuller some days around that time of mo).. my doc measured 16 BWD and 6cm crease to nipple. Prebaby I was a very full B, when nursing a D+ and it felt very abnormal for me. Not trying to go larger than I was but rather regain the volume and "oomph" I once had. I am not stuck on a specific cup size. We decided on 325cc mod plus to help upper pole volume, silicone, under. The 1st pics are me, 2nd are what I would LOVE to achieve. Is this realistic for me?

Breast augmentation next month
I am confident that you will have a great result. I trust that you shared your 'desired after photos' with your surgeon. This would be important as it is obvious from the photos that you selected, that you want a very natural result. Congratulations on choosing very realistic desired photos that match your before pics so well but just with the 'oomph' you desire.

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