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I'm having a BA, hoping to go from A to full B cup. Doc suggested silicone mod-plus under muscle 325cc. Is this realistic?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

5'6, 122lbs, A cup with no volume, pre-pregnancy a very full B... When breastfeeding I went to a D (!!! Which never felt right on me) BWD 16cm, 33" around, 6cm nipple to crease. Is doc suggesting what I want/need? Is a lift suggested as well? I want to be a full B, fill out my old bras....help!

Breast implant size
You should have a very nice result because you have pretty breasts to start. I predict that you will be a C cup but that you won't regret it. You have a fair amount of tissue in the lower breast area and are only missing the upper pole fullness that you see from above. You will need it to fill out the empty tissue and perk up your breasts. I have had few requests for B cup breast augmentations, and in almost all cases, the patients have chosen to upgrade their implants to a C cup within a year after the first surgery. In my opinion, you do not need a full breast lift. However, take notice that your right nipple complex is lower than the left and if this bothers you, you may ask your surgeon about a supra-areolar nipple lift. This involves making an incision above the areola to lift the areola and leaves a minimal scar directly along the border of the areola, such that its barely visible. This allows your surgeon to lift your nipple to a more desirable position, which in your case, would also involve equalizing their position, lifting at least the left one, or possibly both and also moving them more inwards as they point somewhat outward in the photos. The nipple position is borderline and you will likely be happy with whatever plan that you and your surgeon decide on.

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