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Wanting a full look, need advise on sizes for implants please. I know I'm pushing my luck for ba, not wanting lift yet.

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I can't show cleavage when wearing a bra due to breast being deflated and saggy. So I'm looking for a full look. I was previously 12C before pregnancy then 12E while breastfeeding now I'm 12D. Will get lift after finished having children as I loved breastfeeding. I've measured from my areola to my crease beneath the chest right breast 6cm left breast 7cm I've also measured from the small notch at the base of my throat to my nipple. right breast distance between was 20cm left breast was 22cm

Filling up the breasts with implants for cleavage
It appears that your breasts are 2 different shapes with the breast to the right of the photo (labeled left breast) being lower with a more deflated long appearance and a more oval nipple-areola. Please be aware that simply augmenting the breasts will not correct the asymmetry in size nor shape but would fill your cleavage. You have a fair amount of your own breast tissue so you would not need a large implant to get your cleavage, possibly 250 to 350 cc size range. You could know with more certainty by using a sizing system in a Plastic Surgery office, or even filling ziplock baggies with 250cc or 350cc of rice and placing one baggie in each of the cups in the bra size that you desire to wear after surgery. This will give you an idea of how much volume that you need to add to what you have to get you to the cup size and cleavage that you desire.

Though you express a desire to breastfeed in the future, you could opt for a supra-areolar partial areolar lift, at least on your left breast to lift the nipple areola complex up, without disrupting the gland and ducts. Your surgeon could insert the implants through an inframammary incision beneath the breasts and simply remove a crescent of skin above the left areola to lift the left nipple areola up. This would be an option to do at the same time as the breast augmentation to improve your breast symmetry while minimizing any risk of disrupting the ducts for future breastfeeding.

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