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Implant Exchange - Am I a Good Candidate for Smooth Silicone Subglandular w/ Lollipop Mastoplexy?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I'm an Athletic Yoga Teacher. I Want to Trade my Saline (Under Muscle) for Silicone (Over Muscle) and Shrink/even Up my Areolas. I got saline submuscular implants & crescent lift nine years ago. Initially I was happy with the result, as it was a big improvement. I've now had two more babies that I nursed (briefly) & some significant weight fluctuations. Now I'm in great shape but hate the way my implants SQUASH down when I flex my chest & feel way too firm/fake. I also hate my areolae, they're asymmetrical and WAY bigger than I'd like. Am I a good candidate for smooth silicone subglandular w/a "lollipop" mastoplexy?

Peripexy with implant exchange
It is not uncommon to need a little perk up after 2 pregnancies. I definetely would keep the implants under the muscle as I agree that the muscle gives long term support and prevents bottoming out. Silicone implants also seem to "bottom out" less long term. If you want to reduce the nipple-areola size, you will need at least a periareolar incision; an incision all the way around the nipple-areola complex. This can devascularize the nipple so it may not be prudent to devascularize the submammary plane at the same time by exchanging your implants from behind to in-front of the muscle.

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