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Questions and Answers

I'm 2 days post op and experiencing Lower abdomen / incision pain since day of Surgery.

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

Is this normal ? According to the many experiences shared here I didn't find any one complaining of a similar pain. While I feel the MR tightened muscles ,it's more bearable than my lower abdomen pain. I see my PS tomorrow but just hoping I could get answers earlier because it's an extreme pain, I'm even on 5 mg mor phone + Advil /Tylenol alternating every three hours.

Tummy tuck pain
Pain in the incision area, drain area or muscle repair is all normal 2 days after a tummytuck. I can not assess the severity of the pain so if you are concerned, you should see your surgeon earlier. You could also try loosening the binder and looking at the area with your surgeon's permission. If you are in doubt, though, have it checked out.

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