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What is the difference between a belt lipectomy and a lower body lift?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I am looking into getting surgery from losing almost 200 pounds. I have loose skin on my entire stomach (including my upper stomach) , my sides and hips, and the lower/sides of my back that I want removed. I know it's hard to say without an in person consulation, but based on my wants, should I be looking into a lower body lift or a belt lipectomy? What exactly is the difference between the two?

Belt lipectomy vs bodylift
Like the term belt suggests, a belt lipectomy removes a circumferential segment of excess tissue from the lower abdomen in the front and around to the back above the buttocks. The scar ends up circling the trunk like a belt would, though generally the scar is lower than a belt would lie in the front so the scar can be hidden by underwear or bathing suits. Some surgeons would call a belt lipectomy a bodylift, because basically a bodylift involves a circumferential excision of excess tissue. In my patients, a bodylift combines a belt lipectomy with some form of thigh lift. The thigh lift scars can be joined into the abdominoplasty scars to get the benefit of 2 surgeries with 1 scar. This also cuts down on operating time and therefore cost because the combined incision is sutured once.

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