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Is it typical to notice more fat above and below areas where cool sculpting was performed?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I had cool sculpting 3 weeks ago for back fat both right and left sides .Now I have noticeable fat on both sides of my waist that I didn't have or notice before, it is more unsightly than what I had sculpting for. Then 2 weeks later I had both sides of my upper back fat done where it meets my underarms. No results yet but am afraid the same thing will happen. Have u seen this in your practice. My follow up appointment is 2 month after last procedure.

Coolsculpting contour
Coolsculpting freezes fat cells that are grasped by the applicator. This could explain why the areas surrounding the treated area appear larger in comparison to the smaller treatment area. Coolsculpting is ideally suited for localized fatty deposits that fit into one of the applicators and there are several sizes of applicators. The solution for your contour issue is either additional coolsculpting or contouring liposuction. Liposuction contouring can now be done under local anesthesia and is more flexible in its ability to smooth out areas and determine exactly how much fat to remove in each area.

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