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Don't want scar from traditional arm lift. Would lipo and mini arm lift improve appearance?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I've always had large arms but after 80 lb. weight loss, arms remain large with 12" circumference in both upper arm and just above elbow. I know I would benefit most from traditional arm lift but I do not want that scar. I'm also not looking for perfect, just better. I am really interested in lipo with mini arm lift and think it would give me the improve to im looking for. I'm almost 47 and just want to be able to buy tops that fit my torso (medium) and not to fit my arms (large). Thanks!

Laser liposuction alternative
The best and most predictable operation for tightening the extra skin on your arms would be a full traditional brachioplasty. Many patients can not accept the scars. In those patients, I have been impressed with the results of laser liposuction that I have personally done. As I like to say "I'm even impressed!...and I did the surgery!!"
Given that laser liposuction of the arms can be performed with local anesthesia only (numbing medicine), in the office, it is definitely worth trying first. There is basically NO scar, just a little nick in the skin to insert the laser fiber. It may leave a little bit of skin irregularity or it may tighten the skin exceptionally well. Six to twelve months after the procedure, the final results should be evident then you and your surgeon can decide together if a more limited skin excision brachioplasty might benefit you. There are multiple scar treatments to help minimize the visibility of the scars, if the laser liposuction does not accomplish the full result and you choose to proceed to some type of skin excision. You can see examples of both procedures on my website.

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