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Which would you recommend; BodyLift or Abdominoplasty?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

Correct me if I am wrong. From my understanding people that have EXTRA /LOOSE skin from weight lost, etc. are good candidates for the Body Lift. I do not have any EXTRA/LOOSE skin, I have fat (stomach, hips, flanks, bra). I am considering having the abdominoplasty with lipo of the hips and flanks. I want to know why would a PS want to perform a Body Lift verses abdminoplasty with lip, since I DO NOT HAVE ANY EXTRA/LOOSE SKIN?

Liposuction vs abdominoplasty or bodylift
In general, liposuction is adequate to remove excess adipose or fatty tissue. As the term suggests, liposuction simply 'sucks' fat out of the body through very small incisions that are adequate to insert a cannula but small enough to be easily hidden - usually less than a quarter of an inch. Newer technologies, such as ultrasonic or laser assisted liposuction also accomplish a certain amount of skin retraction. The key principle here being 'A CERTAIN AMOUNT' of skin retraction.
Depending on the quality of the overlying skin before the liposuction and the expected amount of fat removal - which could result in further excess skin; a plastic surgeon might recommend an abdominoplasty or a body lift. An abdominoplasty would remove the loose skin that might result from a large amount of fat removal in the abdomen. The bodylift removes skin circumferentially (from the abdomen and back, usually above the buttock area to lift the buttocks at the same time) . Therefore, if the plan is to remove a large amount of fat all the way around, a body lift might be recommended.

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