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Questions and Answers

Is it possible to have a tummy tuck scar placed far below the bikini line as to not show in underwear or baths suits?

This post originally appeared on Realself.com.

I've had a breast lift and reduction recently and am quite pleased. I'm now looking for a tummy tuck to remove excess skin from my waist and maybe lipo depending on cost. I'm concerned however the scar would be visible in a bikini, lingerie or underwear which is nearly a deal breaker for me. I'm working on losing the last 15 lbs and then I'll have the surgery. I'd like to be at my goal weight before I do. I'm currently 5'3 and 154 I want to get down to 140 maybe even 135.

Placement of abdominoplasty incision
The abdominoplasty incision is typically placed below the bikini line so the scar will not be seen in a bathing suit or underwear. This is a common concern, however your scar is customized to your body. Usually the more skin you have the longer the scar. However the height of the scar can be adjusted according to your desires. I would suggest bringing in your bikini and/or underwear to your consultation so your surgeon can see where you would like the incision. In my experience, once healed the incision scar is not a concern because my patients are thrilled with their flat bellies. In fact, I have never had a patient complain about their scars. I wish you the best of luck!

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