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"I am a current patient of Dr. Mizgala and we have had quite a journey together.
When I met Dr. Mizgala for the first time, she embraced me with compassion, concern, and she listened without judgment. Having felt discouraged for years after being unsuccessful with diet and exercise, I looked at cosmetic surgery to help me gain self-confidence and enhance my efforts to become healthier. Dr. Mizgala made me feel special. During the consultation, we discussed everything in great detail. I knew, without a doubt, that she was the one for me. Our rapport is something I will cherish forever.

My journey began in 2017 with a tummy tuck, liposuction of the upper back and flanks, and skin tightening. In 2018, I opted to have more liposuction and BodyTite. My journey then continued with Renuvion (J- Plasma) and liposuction of the upper abdomen. After this, Dr. Mizgala did not think I needed more surgery and was very honest with me. She was right. My before-and-after photos showed my incredible transformation and reminded me of where I was. Today, I look absolutely stunning and feel amazing. She is an excellent plastic surgeon. She is compassionate, loving, caring, trusting, skilled, and honest. She has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful to her."

Bridgette S.

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At A Woman Plastic Surgeon, we understand that not every patient is the same, nor do they have the same aesthetic goal. You may desire glowing skin through a simple skin rejuvenation treatment. A friend may be looking for a dramatic, life-changing outcome that a surgical procedure can provide. We offer a comprehensive selection of treatments that are personalized to your specific needs. The latest trends and technologies, and exceptional surgical skill all create gorgeous, natural-looking results. We invite you to learn more about our treatments.


The Artistry of Natural Results

A Woman Plastic Surgeon is pleased to offer modern cosmetic procedures for both men and women in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Mizgala understands the very personal wants and needs of each of her patients and customizes a plan to achieve the best outcome. As a premier plastic surgery practice, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will make you feel comfortable every step of the way. The most advanced techniques and products lead to an unparalleled customer experience in our state-of-the-art facility.

At A Woman Plastic Surgeon, we view our patients like family. From your very first appointment through the years that follow, we look forward to your return. Our goal is to walk this journey together, helping you to age gracefully through every decade and produce natural-looking enhancements for every life moment.

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Cynthia Mizgala, M.D. F.A.C.S.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cynthia Mizgala has been practicing for over 25 years and is thrilled to be serving the greater New Orleans area. She specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for the breast, body, face, and skin for both men and women. Dr. Mizgala is known for her outstanding results, personable bedside manner, and unique expertise. Once you visit our plastic surgery office, you become more than just a patient, you become a part of our family. The chances are great that we will see others from your family too! Dr. Mizgala takes great pride in her surgical outcomes and in her patient relationships that she values tremendously. She has won numerous awards and is recognized as one of the best regional plastic surgeons by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

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"Iam in my mid 40's and a mother of one child. I have a very demanding and active job in the medical field. I see woman of all ages complain of the way they look and how their bodies have changed with age, pregnancies and yo- yo dieting. Well I'm one of those women!! Although having one pregnancy it definitely was enough to change my body. I was left with excessive loose skin. Later adding three laparoscopic surgeries, and years of weight loss and weight gain. My tummy became a train wreck!! After years of contemplating surgery I decided it was now time to get my body back. I choose Dr. Mizgala because of her outstanding reputation as a surgeon. I have seen some of her work and talked with patients about their experience and knew she was the Dr. of choice for me. Iam now three months post surgery and feeling wonderful!! I love my new tummy and belly button. I put on a bikini for the first time in over twenty years. My confidence level is higher than it has been in years. For anyone contemplating surgery dont put it off. For me it was a life changing experience."



"very knowledgeable and friendly. She really cares about her patient."



"Dr. Mizgala is Phenomenal! - I recently had a Tummy Tuck / Liposuction procedure done by Dr. Mizgala and I couldn't be more happy with the results. Dr. Mizgala and her staff a great. They made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions no matter how many I asked and believe me I asked a lot of them. I have never experienced a doctors visit as pleasant and professional as the ones I had with her. She will have my..."



"Dr. Mizgala and Her Staff Are the Best in the Business! Dr. Mizgala is the best! I had my initial consultation in August 2018, to discuss excess skin removal on my stomach, back and arms after losing around 140 pounds. I had maintained the weight loss for around 15 years, and my work and financial situation finally made skin removal surgery possible. I knew I was looking at major surgery/ surgeries, and I needed to feel confident and trusting of the person I chose to perform such extensive work on me. I have pre-existing high blood pressure, frequent skin infections and a history of severe nausea and vomiting with anesthesia. I needed a surgeon who appreciated the complexity involved with the amount of skin I needed removed, and who would be able to safely get the results I wanted. I consulted with two other surgeons, and both of those appointments were rushed and quite uninformative. Instead of answering my questions, I was referred to a pamphlet or the internet as I was being shown the door. My consultation with Dr. Mizgala was the exact opposite. I was encouraged and comfortable before I went to the office. Patty, the office manager, was so sweet and helpful when I spoke to her to make my appointment. At the consultation, Dr. Mizgala and I discussed several procedures to get the best results for my body type. She took the time to fully explain the pros and cons of each procedure, the downtime and recovery involved, and the results I could realistically expect. She answered my questions and addressed my concerns with respect and dignity. Together Dr. Mizgala and I came up with a plan of action that would provide the best outcome for me. I never felt rushed or like I was in a sales pitch; I was at ease and I just knew I was in good hands. From that very first day, I have felt safe, comfortable and supported by the entire staff. Every visit since then has just reinforced my feeling of gratitude for having found such a wonderful, caring surgeon and her awesome team. Dr. Mizgala and her staff truly care about their patients’ complete recovery. I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck and radiofrequency assisted liposuction on my neck in November, a bra line back lift in March, and an arm lift in April. I only had one minor wave of nausea between all 3 surgeries; I’ve experienced worse with a 15 minute epidural. I had several feet of incision on my torso and arms with the 3 surgeries. Given my long history of skin infections, it was not surprising that I experienced delayed healing in some areas. Dr. Mizgala saw me every single day, including weekends, and she came to my condo to check on me. She was also a strong advocate in helping me get the care I needed to heal with the best results. I felt her concern and I knew she sincerely cared about my recovery. I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Dr. Mizgala and her team have treated me like family throughout this entire process. I never expected this to be such a life-changing experience, inside and out. Dr. Mizgala and her staff’s encouragement helped me to find self-confidence I didn’t even realize I was missing! They all truly care about their patients’ holistic recovery every step of the way. When my life circumstances allowed me the opportunity to have my excess skin removed, this was mostly about the practicality of getting rid of the physical complications caused by the skin while I was still relatively young. I wanted to be able to exercise without having infections and interference from the extra skin, and I wanted to get the extra weight off my back to help my sciatica and hip pain. I got the practical results I was looking for, but the care, support and encouragement of Dr. Mizgala and her staff have given me so much more. I thought this was going to be the last step in my weight loss journey, but it has turned out to be the start of my new life. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself, which is an incredible and priceless surprise. My friends and family see a huge difference in the way I look and carry myself, physically and mentally. I recently turned 45 years old, and I called it my Re-Birth Day. I knew I would have a significant change in my body, but I never dreamed I would have such an incredible mental and emotional transformation so quickly. I have been reborn as a confident, self-assured woman, and I am excited to think about what’s to come in my new life."



"Excellent experience - It has been a few years but she was very patient and kind and really cared about me. Her staff was also great. I still recommend people to her even though it’s been overs 5 years. JoAnn Proctor"




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