Smartlipo of arms under local anesthesia in Metairie, La office.*

Procedure Details

The delicate arm skin is one of the first to show signs of aging. Many women are embarrassed by loose fatty arms that can swing as we exercise, wave or dance. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy solution using laser technology to remove unwanted fatty tissue and tighten the arm skin. Performed in the office under local tumescent anesthesia, a patient can walk in, undergo the office procedure and walk out in a few hours with firmer slimmer arms. Results are usually noticed in a week and improve over the ensuing months . Only tiny incisions are required as the laser fiber is only a few millimeters in width. Normal activities can be resumed immediately and a compression garment is recommended for 6 weeks.


Dr. Mizgala has been performing Smartlipo for over 10 years. The patient is made comfortable with oral valium and the arms are numbed with tumescent solution. The Laser fiber is inserted into the fatty layer to melt the fat cells. The laser is reinserted at a superficial setting to tighten the skin to achieve toned shapely arms.  The melted fat is aspirated for a speedy recovery. There is no down time and only minimal swelling and bruising, if any.


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