Metairie tummytuck and liposuction after pregnancy and weight loss*

Procedure Details

This patient's concerns were the excessive skin left after pregnancy and weight loss. She wanted a defined waistline without the loose skin and abdominal fat. A tummy tuck with muscle repair was performed with liposuction of both hips. Exparel was injected in the muscles to minimize postoperative discomfort. She was back to work in 2 weeks and loving her new physique.


A tummytuck is a very satisfying procedure for the patient and Dr. Mizgala.  She loves to see the transformation of her patients who are literally dragged down by abdominal pouches that result from pregnancy and weght fluctuations. No diet nor exercise can correct the pouch and it becomes so discouraging for those who live with one.  A well performed tummytuck is the best solution as it removes the pouch of skin and fat. Most patients choose to have the abdominal muscles repaired to get their 6 pack back, especially if they carried large babies. Dr. Mizgala injects long acting numbing medicine including Exparel to the muscles to minimize posoperative discomfort. Dr. Mizgala loves to see her patients' smiling faces when they return to visit with their flat stomach, renewed sex appeal and confidence.


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