African American mother after Saline implants and Breast Lift in New Orleans, La*

Procedure Details

This active African American mom breastfed 3 babies. She was self conscious about her deflated saggy breasts. She underwent a full Breast Lift with Saline filled Breast Implants. The implants were placed under her pectoral muscles to restore lost breast volume and the Breast Lift tightened the excess stretched breast skin around the fuller breasts. The incisions were carefully sutured with internal sutures around the areolar borders and joined to anchor incisions. As darker skin can sometimes scar poorly or even keloid, Dr. Mizgala used silicone tape to minimize the anchor scars.

Breast implants & Breast Lift

Dr. Mizgala specializes in combination Breast augmentation with Breast lift procedures.  She prefers to do the augmentation procedure at the same time as the Breast Lift to achieve a customized look; filling any deflated tissue with an appropriate sized implant then tightening the previously  stretched tissue to the new breast mounds.  Many surgeons will only stage the procedure in 2 separate surgeries, however Dr. Mizgala prefers to do both procedures together to judge the exact amount of tissue that should be excised to accommodate to the larger breast size.


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