African American mom relieved by Breast Reduction Lift in New Orleans, La.**

Procedure Details

This African American mother was bothered by neck strain from large pendulous breasts after 4 pregnancies. Dr. Mizgala performed a Bilateral Breast Reduction Lift which she says changed her life. Not only was she relieved of her neck and back discomfort, but she was able to find bras and clothes to fit properly for the first time in quite a while.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery involves excising excess hanging lower breast tissue while preserving upper breast tissue.  Dr. Mizgala  surgically tightens the skin brassiere of the breast using what is known as a Wise pattern or an inverted  'T' excision of excess skin creating what you could envision as a seam like the seam in a bra. This requires incisions that could result in scarring, especially in darker skin tones.  Dr. Mizgala stitches each incision internally to reduce the visible scarring then after surgery, she follows up with meticulous postoperative care and silicone taping to ensure that the scars are as imperceptible as possible and totally worth the improvement in breast size and shape.


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