After Massive Weight Loss

Patient Description

This Metairie woman lost close to 100 pounds after bariatric surgery. After massive weight loss, the abdominal muscles and skin do not usually retract leaving skin folds that are unattractive and even cause rashes and interfere with regular activities. Dr. Mizgala customizes each tummy tuck to each patient. Loose muscles are tightened by internal corset sutures and excess hanging skin is removed. The upper abdominal skin is then redraped and tightened like pulling a bedspread tight to unfurl any irregularities. The bellybutton remains in its original place but looks perkier because the skin around it is tight. Every patient can get that flat stomach they dream of.

This woman lost close to 100 pounds after bariatric surgery. She was left with redundant abdominal skin which was treated with an extended Tummy tuck.

Patient Details

Age:   50 - 59

Gender:   Female

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   Undisclosed

Weight:   Undisclosed

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