Thigh Lift

Patient Description

This 31 year old mother of 3 lost 110 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery and 3 caesarian sections . Despite her young age, her abdominal and thigh skin did not retract. She elected to have an extended abdominoplasty with liposuction as well as bilateral medial thigh lift. The incisions are hidden in the thigh creases then join the lower abdominal incision of the tummy tuck.

The medial thigh lift pulled the loose inner upper thigh skin to give a sleeker, smoother thigh contour. The incision is hidden in the inguinal crease then joins her abdominoplasty incision. Combining these procedures allows for a tighter abdomen and thighs after weight loss or pregnancy.

Patient Details

Age:   30 - 39

Gender:   Female

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   5’ 6” - 6’ 0”

Weight:   Undisclosed

Gallery:   43725

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