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Tummy Tuck

Patient Description

A tummy tuck is most commonly performed on women after they have had children. Some men also suffer from abdominal muscle weakness causing a protruberant belly. A large male belly could be caused by superficial fat which can be simply suctioned out with liposuction techniques. However, when the fat is intra-abdominal and the rectus muscles have lost their tone, only an abdominoplasty will correct the abdomen. Dr. Mizgala will examine your abdomen to discuss what techniques would best rejuvenate and slim your belly.

This middle aged man was bothered by his protuberant belly. The main problem was loose abdominal muscles which were repaired by a full tummy tuck with rectus muscle repair.

Patient Details

Age:   40 - 49

Gender:   Male

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   Undisclosed

Weight:   Undisclosed

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