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Breast Revision

Patient Description

This lady in her 40's had breast augmentation with Saline filled implants by another surgeon 22 years ago. She could feel ripples in the implants and they fell to the side. In addition, her natural breast tissue had fallen off her implants, especially on the left. Dr. Mizgala removed the Saline filled Breast implants (360 cc), which had been placed on top of the pectoral muscle, under the breast tissue. The new Allergan NATRELLE INSPIRA Cohesive silicone gel breast implants were placed in a new breast pocket under the muscle; 420 cc on the left and 470cc on the right to correct the breast asymmetry. A full breast lift was then performed to lift the breast tissue over the new implants. The patient wished to be about the same breast size and requested to keep her areolae the same size, as well.

Patient Details

Age:   40 - 49

Gender:   Female

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   5’ 0” - 5’ 5”

Weight:   Undisclosed

Gallery:   43924

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