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Patient Description

This young woman in her forties was bothered by loose neck skin after major weight loss. She complained of a lack of jaw line definition and a wide neck . She didn't want major surgery with a lot of down time. FaceTite of the neck in the office was perfect for her condition and allowed her to be back to her normal routine the next day. She even went to the movies the very night of her procedure. The RFAL allowed the shrinking of the fibroseptal network of her skin which gradually tightened over the ensuing 3 months giving her a more defined jaw and a more sculpted thinner neck.

Prior to the FACETITE procedure to her neck and lower face, this woman had no visible jawline definition. Three months after this office procedure, there is clearly a visible jaw bone and jaw line separating the lower face from the neck. There are no visible scars as only small knicks are required to insert the small FACETITE probe into the soft tissues of the neck.

After her FACETITE procedure, there is less width to the neck and a clearly defined jaw line. All this, despite minimal downtime and virtually no scars

Patient Details

Age:   40 - 49

Gender:   Female

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   5’ 0” - 5’ 5”

Weight:   100 - 149 lbs

Gallery:   39985

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