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Patient Description

An early case of VASERlipo in a male physician clearly demonstrated the skin tightening power of the VASER technology. One of the first types of liposuction to accomplish skin tightening , in addition to gentle fat removal, VASER remains a main component of most of Dr. Mizgala's larger volume liposuction cases. This technology allows for powerful, yet gentle fat removal while enhancing skin retraction.

A significant reduction in abdominal thickness was accomplished via a small incision by his flank using slim patented VASER cannulas.

The skin retraction that the VASER technology can produce is obvious in these before/after photos which clearly show that the folded pouch of excess abdominal fat has completely lifted up flattening and smoothing the abdomen.

Patient Details

Age:   30 - 39

Gender:   Male

Ethnicity:   White

Height:   Undisclosed

Weight:   Undisclosed

Gallery:   41428

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