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A Woman Plastic Surgeon - BodyTight Procedure Overview—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

A Woman Plastic Surgeon - BodyTight Procedure Overview


My name is Cynthia Mizgala. I'm a plastic surgeon in New Orleans, Louisiana, actually, a suburb in Metairie, right next to New Orleans. I'm excited to talk about BodyTite, today. BodyTite's an exciting new procedure. The beauty is that it is really applicable to almost any situation of a person that wants to get rid of some undesired fat. The beauty of it is, it can be done often as an outpatient procedure.

On both men and women, pretty much any area of the body that they feel is a bit of a problem area for them. Can be done for people that are a little overweight, a lot overweight or slim and trim, but just have a little problem area, like a saddle bag or a double chin or maybe a little thickness around the belly after pregnancy. Love handles on men or even breast area on men are very common areas that we treat all the time and with really good success.

Depending on the area, even if it's a lot of fat, but it's in a smaller concentrated area, that can be done in the office with minimal to no recovery time. Patient walks in, the patient walks out. Really no downtime other than maybe a little bruising for a day or so. On the other hand, if it's a little bit of fat, but in a larger surface area, prefer to do it in the operating room where there might be a slightly longer recovery because of the effects of anesthesia, but really not more than a few days.

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