A Woman Plastic Surgeon - FaceTight Procedure Overview—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

A Woman Plastic Surgeon - FaceTite Procedure Overview


I'm Cynthia Mizgala. I'm a plastic surgeon board certified in practice for about 25 years now in the New Orleans area, and I'm really excited to talk about Face Tight.

FaceTight is based upon radio frequency energy, which is a type of energy that helps us not only melt fat in areas that are undesired but also tightens skin which is the beauty of it.

People are always looking for both. This is applicable mostly to the neck and lower face, jowl area. So women and men as we get older, you know to define the jaw line. People with double chins even younger people with double chins but particularly also women and men as they near the 40s and early 50s really get bothered by that laxia of the next and a little bit of that jowling.

So instead of having a traditional neck or facelift which seems a little drastic, it's so nice to offer an outpatient procedure where they can come in the office, spend about an hour. I can easily numb up the neck with numbing medicine, no I.V.

Just maybe a little Valium by mouth and then offer this quick little device which is known as FaceTight. It takes about an hour, under numbing medicine, again the patient walks in, the patient walks out, no down time.

Maybe a little bruising but some people don't even have that. A little bruising a little swelling at the worst. Right back to work the next day or the day after.

I've had many patients have the procedure and go right back to work the next day. Even some of my own employees have done that.

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