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A Woman Plastic Surgeon - Renuvion Procedure Overview—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

A Woman Plastic Surgeon - Renuvion Procedure Overview


I'm Dr. Cynthia Mizgala, a woman plastic surgeon, and I am a board-certified plastic surgeon in practice for about 25 years, believe it or not. I'm really excited about all the new technology that I see coming to help my patients. The newest I'm going to talk about is called Renuvion. The beauty of Renuvion is it helps in my liposuction cases, and in pretty much any liposuction case.

So any patient, male or female, any age group who has some undesired fatty areas, whether that be one area or multiple areas all over the body, could benefit from this technology. After at the completion of my liposuction procedure, I would use the Renuvion, which is basically a plasma-generating device that heats up the fibroseptal network in a more efficient way than any other technology, and helps in large cases to shrink-wrap the fibroseptal network, and almost shrink-wrap the skin around the reduced body mass after the fat is removed by liposuction.

If it's done in the office, the recovery time is pretty much none. The patient has a little bit of possibly tenderness, but no pain. Just a little bit of tenderness. They do wear a compression garment, and most people went back to work the next day, or certainly by the end of a weekend if they do it on a Friday. If I do a more extensive case, a whole body case, then there might be one or two or three days of recovery because I do those under general anesthesia, so it takes a little bit more of recovery from the patient's whole system, a little bit of tiredness for a day or two. So, I usually recommend those patients take two or three days off their work or their childcare activities.

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