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Patient Testimonial 3 - A Woman Plastic Surgeon—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

Patient Testimonial 3 - A Woman Plastic Surgeon New Orleans


I worked with the practice prior to Dr. Mizgala's and fell in love with her when we started talking and have been with her ever since. I have been in her presence when she did seminars. I've been in her presence one-on-one. There is no difference. She is what you see. She's very honest and upfront. She will make sure you understand what to expect. She's very spot on when it comes to, "You will feel this for this length of time." She also gives you options. Sure, I have a choice of who I would like to be with. If I choose her, it's because I've got the confidence, I've got the comfort, I've got all the things that I think is important to a patient.

Come visit Dr. Mizgala and let her customize a treatment tailored to address your personal needs.

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