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Patient Testimonial 5 - A Woman Plastic Surgeon—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

Patient Testimonial 5 - A Woman Plastic Surgeon New Orleans


I chose this practice about 10 years ago, because it was a woman's plastic surgeon, and I felt so much more comfortable with her. And the minute I walked through the door the entire staff made me feel so welcome. And they don't just try to sell you a product, they try to help you achieve the look that you're looking to achieve.

You always feel very comfortable, you know what's being done to you, you know what is going into your body, how it will affect you, the results, what to expect. There's always a follow-up call to make sure you're doing fine. Dr. Mizgala has even done a home visit to check and make sure I'm doing fine. You just don't get that at other places.

Every time I've been here I have left happier than when I walked in.

Come visit Dr. Mizgala and let her customize a treatment tailored to address your personal needs.

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