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Wrinkle-free Friday: New procedure helps combat the 'Ozempic body' sag—Metairie & New Orleans, LA—

Wrinkle-free Friday: New procedure helps combat the 'Ozempic body' sag


That's a new saying called Ozempic body. It's become popular after rapid weight loss leaves sagging skin and doctors have a procedure for those patients and others who want to tighten it up. Mac Ferris has the before and after pictures in tonight's wrinkle free Friday

for as long as she can remember that was a nightmare. Ciara Pemberton did not like the way her back looked in a bra that fatty kind of part and it just kinda hangs over. That is,

that's a killer and especially living down here where it gets hot. You wanna wear your tank top. So she turned to Mealy plastic surgeon, Doctor Cynthia Mis Gla for a solution that time in the gym was not helping really. The results we're getting most recently are just phenomenal to the fact where if I saw it on Snapchat, I'd say that's fake. Doctor Mis Gla says she's getting those good results with an updated version of ReNu Von. After traditional liposuction to reduce pockets of fat, this helium plasma and radio frequency device under the skin can tighten,

creepy sagging or loose skin. It goes in the fibro septal network where the collagen tissue and elastic fibers are heating them up and causing the area to contract like shrink wrapping plastic.

And if we can do some of the improvement with this technology, which promises up to 60% shrinkage, it's amazing the things we can achieve like this patient in the or who lost £70 with weight loss surgery. Doctor Misla is combining ReNu on not only with liposuction but lifts where some of the skin is removed, But this keeps the patient from having more cutting and scars. Now, the popularity of weight loss injections is bringing in more patients with loose skin. They do all this effort to get healthy and to get to their ideal body weight. And then they're like, what am I going to do with all this skin? One of the newer techniques they're doing with ReNu Von is they're just tightening skin and people who don't need to have fat removed.

Sierra just had ReNu on three months ago on her 36th birthday. She says it was not painful but knows it takes 6 to 9 months for the full results.

My back is so much smaller and tighter. I feel like the inches just came off and I'm very, very happy with the results for wrinkle free Friday. I'm Meg Ferris. If a small area is being treated, this procedure can be done with only local numbing but with a larger area, it's done under sedation.

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